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“Santa Jac is a consummate professional while also keeping things light and fun!  From meeting with families to improvising on a stage in front of thousands of people, he always rolls with it and has a gift for creating a festive atmosphere”

Travis Creed
Vice President & General Manager, Artistic Operations - Winston Salem Symphony

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 Working with Santa Jac and Liz is truly magical. The wonder, joy, and awe of Christmas through a Child’s eyes are not lost here. Jac has been the only Santa my children have known and professionally the only Santa I will work with. I have been photographing Jac on my sets since 2009, and I am just as giddy for "Santa" to visit now as I was then. Jac works well with children of all ages and abilities. Since 2009 we have photographed over 500 sessions while creating childhood memories together."Leslie Cain, Family Photography by Leslie

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I stopped believing in Santa when the neighborhood bully told me my Christmas gift of a Nintendo, way way way back when was from my parents. Santa Jac has been the Christmas miracle needed to rekindle the flame to once again believe in Santa Claus. I had the privilege to meet Santa Jac at a charity event back in 2014 and he has been coming to our annual mostly adult holiday party ever since. I am also fortunate that after he realized we were going to have fun every year at these gatherings, he invited his wife along to join in on the celebration. The two have become what I would consider caring friends and I have enjoyed getting to follow their journey through life on Facebook, and most importantly have them participate in a gathering of our closest friends each year. Not only do they take the perfect photos with guests, but they have also always participated in our crazy party games each year. On a more personal note, Santa Jac performed a private wedding ceremony for me and my partner back in 2014... I can attest to his professionalism in all that he does and the joy he brings to all the lives he touches. I have already reached out to schedule our 2022 holiday celebration, I hope you will too!’

Kyle Duncan

What People Say About Working with Santa
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Santa Jac has been my family Santa for 12 years, even before I knew him personally. I have been so pleased to have worked with him as a photographer the past 10 years, sharing the magic of Christmas with children for 8 of those 10. He is truly a magician with the children. Every year I have at least one child who is unsure, and every year he knows just what to say and parents who call me telling me their child had a renewed feeling of magic and Santa. Tearful conversations of happiness that renew my own magic and belief in Santa. I was so blessed to photograph Jac as he was awarded the Santa Hall of Fame but I am more blessed to continue to explore the magic of Christmas with him and our wonderful clients year after year. Through the pandemic, through location changes, through new families, Santa Jac has been a steady figure for children of the Triad everywhere bringing normalcy and the magic of believing to all of us.


.Krista Ridge Smith

Santa tells Mom she is on the nice list

 Something magical happens the minute Santa Jac walks in your door. Children's faces light up and adult’s eyes glisten. Santa Jac first came to our family Christmas party when I was pregnant, and 15 years later he is a true part of our Christmas season. Let’s not forget Mrs Claus! She is an absolute delight, and is the kind, gentle woman who makes sure Santa has his glowing spirit!: Santa Jac is a professional Santa from his custom Santa suit to his demeanor with all ages. He knows all the toys as asks kids specifics. He had an ability to make even the most timid child comfortable. His energy makes the magic of Christmas come to life (and he’s the most photogenic Santa ever!)

          Kris Dickens Burns

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Mr & Mrs Claus make you realize that you really do still believe. They have to be the real thing. No one could be that perfect

Lee Wills

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