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Meet Mrs. Emma Claus

Mrs. Emma Claus (Liz Grimes) is actually Santa Jac's spouse of 50 years. She currently lives in Greensboro, NC with Jac. She is a Credentialed Children's Educator with 6 children and 8 grandchildren of her own. In other words she is great with the little ones.

Mrs. Claus can bring historical and cultural perspectives to the holidays.

Mrs. Claus will help reduce a child’s anxiety when she accompanies Santa on his visits. Children go through developmental periods of being afraid of strangers.  This fear will not change simply because the person is Santa!  However, often the grandmotherly figure of Mrs. Claus can reduce their fear. Once the child warms up to Mrs. Claus they will frequently be more comfortable with Santa’s presence.  She will work with your child and Santa to be able to get a good photo of Santa and the little one.

Mrs. Claus is also available for photo shoots, either alone or with Santa.

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