Santa Virtual Home Visits


You can still visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus!

Do you remember the feeling you got the first time you met Santa in person? The feelings of awe and the magic that pervaded the room? It is an experience that you will never forget. It is also an experience and feeling that parents want to pass on to their children.


2020 has been a tough year! It has robbed us of many of our normal goings and comings. But there is one thing that this pandemic cannot take from us. It cannot take our Christmas Spirit. It cannot take that special feeling we get when we look into the eyes of a small child. It cannot take the wonder, the magic and the goodwill we feel towards our fellow men and women.  


While Santa and Mrs. Claus cannot come to your house this year, (we cannot take a chance with your family's health) there are other ways we can see you. We can visit you on Zoom. We can make a custom video just for your child(ren). We have a few public events where families can visit in a safe manner. 


Please see Santa's Calendar for Virtual Visit nights and public events. 

Together we can keep the Christmas Spirit alive because remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart.


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Santa's Services and Rates


Zoom Home Visits

Santa Jac can go over your kids lists, answer questions, talk about their elf on the shelf or just about anything else you can imagine. Zoom Home visits last 10 to 13 minutes and can involve family members that are in different parts of the country. We will do this from our home studio that includes a Santa's Workshop backdrop. We are offering nights with Santa alone and Santa and Mrs. Claus.

The cost of a Zoom home visit is $50.00 for Santa and $75.00 for Santa and Mrs. Claus. Please see Santa's Calendar for the schedule. Nights will specify Santa only or Santa and Mrs. Claus. For more information hit the contact us button.  


Santa Custom Videos

Want something your kids can watch over and over? Santa can cut a custom made video just for your child or children. You provide the information and we produce a short video in our North Pole workshop. The cost of these is $30.00 for Santa and $50.00 for Santa and Mrs. Claus. Turn around time is appox 48 hours. For more information hit the contact us button.  


Neighborhood Drive Thru

Can't go to the Mall in the middle of a pandemic and stand in line with people you don't know and screaming kids (maybe even your own) to get a grand total of one minute with Santa?

Why not host a neighborhood drive thru? Santa can visit the houses in your neighborhood or apartment complex in his PT Sleigh Convertible and you can spread the cost among the families involved.

Santa can hand out gifts, hear wishes, pose for photos, all from a safe distance. The cost of a neighborhood drive thru is $250.00 and includes travel within the Triad area. Add Mrs. Claus for just $100.00. Visits are dependant on the weather but if your chosen night turns nasty we will work to reschedule. 


Public Events

Santa has many public events scheduled this year. These events will be handled in a safe responsible manner. Check Santa's calendar for more information.

Professional Photographers

Santa Jac is booked with several professional photographers for studio work prior to December. Check Santa's calendar for more information.

Mrs. Claus

You can book Mrs. Claus without the Big Guy. For more information contact us here.


Need more information?

For more information on how Santa Jac can visit, go to Santa's Calendar here or Contact Santa here.